Russian Literature Reading Challenge

 Keely at we went outside and saw the stars is hosting the Russian lit challenge I'd hoped for!

Keely says:

I'll just be reading Classic Russian Literature (mostly the 19th Century) but I welcome anyone that participates to read 20th century or contemporary Russian Literature and Non Fiction. I'll be listing the books I want to read on my 2017 Challenges Page.
Like with many challenges there will be four levels (going to make it interesting and name them after my favourite Russian writers):

  • Level One (Tolstoy): 1-3 books 
  • Level Two (Chekov): 4-6 books 
  • Level Three (Dostoevsky): 7-11 books
  • Level Four (Turgenev): 12+ books
You can count short stories, poetry, novels, novellas and plays in your book count. I don't really mind.

Keely has also provided a handy and massive list of Russian literature, arranged by century.  It's pretty fantabulous, so head on over and check it out.

I'll sign up for the Chekhov level of 4-6 books and see what happens from there!

  1. Hard to Be a God, by Boris and Arkady Strugatsky
  2. My Universities, by Maxim Gorky
  3. There Once Lived a Mother Who Loved Her Children...., by Ludmilla
  4. The Foundation Pit, by Andrei Platonov 
  5. Boris Godounov, by Alexander Pushkin

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